Sunday, April 08, 2007

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Sunday, April 01, 2007

paddle stats

today i paddled from nwoc in seattle to st eds park in kenmore, wa and back. wind was with me on the way out and wanted to fight me on the way back. i won. good average heartrate. lifting upper body yesterday bit me in the ass for the first hour as i was having issues with those muscle being sore/tired. oh yeah and i got attacked by a shark!.. on shark week!kayaking duration: 4:06:29
distance 20.5 mile (12:01/mile - 5mph)
avg hr:128 max:138 slept:6.0
calories burned (by suunto t6 - it's always high): 2,482 calories
calories consumed: 3x clif shot blocks (600 cals), clif double espresso shot 100 cals, clif cola buzzzz 100 cals
total calories: 800 calories (200/hour) - right on track

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

paddle for your life

a couple nights ago i finished the may issue (seems a bit early for a may issue?!) of trail runner magazine. on page 22 is a picture of my adventure racing teammate ryan vangorder on a riverboard. but what got me thinking was the run amok colum by brian meltzer "run for your life". he discusses how an injury sent him into a tailspin. i identified immediately with this. not just an injury, but a few life issues that have put me in a similar situation... and yep.. a subsequent tailspin.luckily i feel as though i am now on my way out of this "hole" as i like to call it. i've felt this way once before, last july after the 4.5 day expedition race, the primal quest. i was in my "hole" for about three weeks after that race. i couldn't motivate, felt tired all day long, wasn't nice to the people i love, slept late and felt guilty about it, didn't or couldn't train and felt guilty about that too. you get the picture. luckily i just heard it's shark week (again!?) and the sun came out for my paddle today!