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Monday, July 10, 2006

Yuri's Nude Poster

My shed is an absolute mess.

A few days ago, as I was getting my racing pads and helmet together for the Jeep King of the Mountain, I tripped over a dusty cardboard box. One of its corners had been chewed by what I hoped was bright eyed and bushy tailed squirrel…and not one of the beady eyed and skinny pink tailed kind. The box was thin like a pizza box, but longer, and bound with packing tape.

I was just about to toss the box in our recycling bin when the weight of its contents shifted. Curious, I tore into the chewed up corner and out fell a few mostly pristine Yeti posters. Yes, the nude posters. I thought every last one of them was hanging on some grimy bike shop wall or on the back an underachiever's dorm room door.

What am I going to do with these, I thought. Most of the sponsors have changed…(my hair color is naturally the same though). I took them out of their box and slid them under our bed and then I sat down on our stained concrete floor fiddling with my cleats. My mind drifted from those posters and I began to visualize landing that nettlesome double-double in the King of the Mountain event.

Between the practice and seeding run, I was killing time on my TREO looking at e-mail. One read:

“…On August 26th, there will be a poolside barbecue with an auction which will feature a custom made-to-measure Soulcraft frame, tons of bike gear donated by local shops and sponsors, wine, a ranch brunch and ride, and many other items. The auction is a fundraiser to send Yuri Hauswald to the Solo 24 Hour Race World Championships in Georgia, the site of the 1996 Olympic Mountain Biking Course in Georgia…”

marla streb
Anyone want to bid on a poster?

Yuri, an old riding friend of mine, is a relative new-comer to the sport of ultra-endurance mountain biking. A third grade teacher by day, Yuri worked his way up to the semi-pro field during the last ten years with consistently strong placings. At the 24 Hours of Adrenalin at Laguna Seca in Monterey, CA, Yuri climbed more than 27,000 vertical feet and won the race, qualifying him for the Worlds!

So I figured I'll try to auction off a framed, very limited availability, poster of a chick riding naked on a bike.

For directions and an invitation to the Pool Party contact Yuri at

Anyone want to bid on the poster?

Hopefully the bids go higher than what I did on that double-double at the KOM.


Mike said...

um - can i bid via email?

5:12 PM  
Mike said...

hmmm - can i start the bidding at $50?

6:38 PM  
carnet said...

You can also contribute to Yuri's fund to go to the world's using this link:

8:59 PM  
Anonymous said...

Hard to believe a poster like that somehow missed this former underachiever's dorm room wall!

On the other hand it is nice to witness such flowing curves and not have to wear roadie shorts.
Monthly Digital Magazine

11:10 PM  
Anonymous said...

I love Yuri!

1:20 PM  
Mike said...

ok - i'll bid against myself...

8:11 PM  
Michael Weinstein said...

hey, it's a great pic and a great cause!! it'll fit in here in Bozeman....signed and framed? I'm in for $150!!!! you can reach me at or the hotline to the guy that always says..thanks 4playin...406-220-4678!

5:33 AM  
gwadzilla said...

the bidding is going higher

this under achiever is not sure he has wall space in his kid's room for such an inspirational image


glad to see that the image is still circulating and causing a buzz

11:50 AM  
TreeSaw said...

You're amazing! I am a new mom too and am (slowly) finding my way back to my bike. Keep the blogs a-coming!

8:01 PM  
Jay J said...

What is the status of the poster sale/auction? How much did they go
for? Any till left? Any less than mintt condition ones for a set price and what wopuld it be?

5:16 PM  

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