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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Mountain Biking or Body Slamming?

Friday night. According to my doctor, and my once six-pack abs now swollen into a keg, maybe my last Friday night. Before I become a mom. Due any moment now. Unfortunately, bagging some moonlit mountain bike miles on Mt. Tam is not a time killing option either.

So what to do with my last Friday night? The car is already packed with baby stuff. New IKEA furniture instructions fulfilled. My bike is sparkling clean, all tuned up, and banned from singletrack for a while. So, what’s a girl to do?

Why… drive to San Jose for a World Wide Wrestling match of course!!!

I’ve never been to one, and this was one sideshow experience I’ve wanted to check off my list before becoming a parent. And my ob-gyn agreed that going on a quest like this could actually induce labor.

marla streb
Leap From the Ropes

Even though Mark had wasted much of his extenuated youth at the Boston Garden in dumb struck awe while Andre The Giant tossed around a half dozen midgets, he couldn’t really explain to me the subtleties of the sport. We splurged on floor seats, four rows from the mat.

Maybe because I passed on the seven dollar draft beers, but I couldn’t understand why the referee was so easily distracted by the bad guy’s manager while the bad guy wearing big underpants adroitly palmed a ‘foreign object’ repeatedly against the good guy’s forehead.

marla streb
Tag Team

I did splurge on the six dollar salted pretzel, and it was beyond a little stale. Why didn’t the concessionaires just shoot ‘em full of the same juice the combatants in the square circle use? Are baked goods subject to UCI anti-doping protocols?

But in many other ways pro wrestling did have some appeal for me. I felt as much at home among the mullets on the floor section as I would have in the pits at a Hare Scramble.

All the guys, athletes and attendees alike, shaved…even the spots where there was no discernible athletic advantage, except for their chins. All of their chins.

And, it was comforting to see by the quality of the skin suits that pro wrestling evidently pays nearly the same scale that pro cycling does…

marla streb
3 Chicks Rassle

Like in downhill racing, the women’s wrestling ranks thinned out rapidly. Although I should note that their outfits are much more flattering. For a few body slams, I even imagined myself out there …as Marla, the Mauler!!!

Nah. As we filed out of the HP Pavilion past these strange freaks and geeks, I realized I’d much rather keep the rubber side down among the freaks and geeks I already know and love as one of the Luna Chix.

By the way, it turns out that going to a pro wrestling match, followed by 2 hours of ‘easy’ riding the next day, does actually induce labor. Mark and I have a little baby girl now to prove it!


Mike said...


5:54 AM  
Mike said...

btw - the one thing that mystifies me about wrestling... they persist in storing steel chairs, tables, etc, underneath the ring despite years of evidence that this practice invariably leads to trouble....

6:03 AM  
trainwreck said...

congrats on your victory marla! it will be the sweetest triumph of your life. i can't wait to hear of her growing up in the cycling ranks or whatever she chooses to do. no doubt she won't be your average young woman.

6:26 AM  
James said...

Congratulations on the new addition. Kids really are great and they make the best riding partners when they are a few years old. There is nothing like those “faster Daddy” screams from the trailer to get me hammering up a hill.

10:13 AM  
spicyride said...

Congratulations! Being pregnant with my second, your exciting news brought a tear to my eye. Enjoy!

11:00 AM  
Rich said...

Congrat's Mark I know you did all the really hard part!

They say you should play classical music while your pregnant because it good for the baby. So what does profesional wrestling do for them.

Mayde roller derby will make a big come back in 20 years? ;-)

6:30 PM  
Glibbidy said...

Hot Dog! Congratulations! Now the real fun of the parenting experiment starts.

7:09 AM  
Anonymous said...

A mountain biker mother, or one mother of a mountain biker??!?!?

I was swimming at my local gym today and there was a pregnant woman sharing the lane with me and she was whooping my arse! I figured she must be trying to induce labour...

7:36 AM  
Wentworth Knipe said...

congrats on the baby!

7:53 AM  
Capt. Jack Sparrow said...

Awwwwwww! Congratulations Marla and Mark!

11:06 AM  
Raoul Del Mar said...

Congratulations and well done.

Sooooo, what's her name???

"They say you should play classical music while your pregnant because it good for the baby. So what does professional wrestling do for them."

Maybe she'll be able to watch the Three Stooges with her Dad.

11:06 AM  
tmx said...

congratulations marla the mauler!!

2:54 PM  
Elizabeth Fox said...

Congrats Marla! You were a beautiful preg girl,,,elizabeth fox

7:44 PM  
marla streb said...

Thankyou everyone! We're so excited!

Our little milk monster, Nicoya (Nico for short), is way more fun than we expected. We just stare at her too much, and fight over who gets to hold her.

It's been 6 days since she was born (& 30 hour labor), so I'm really looking forward to my first bike ride today!

obviously will stay out of the saddle...

Thanks for checking in

11:24 AM  
gwadzilla said...

it is not too soon to say...

happy mother's day

kids love to wrestle
you will have years to practice for the roll of Marla the Mauler


8:56 PM  
Stu in CA said...

Next time you are in the south bay, you should check out my little single slalom over in Saratoga. I've spent 6 years working on it, including three very wet months this year. 12 little jumps, lots of berms and a few other fun stunts.
Drop me a line and I'll give you directions.


9:19 PM  
Squirrel said...

Congrats:)!! We're having a girl too!! Izabella Meadow Pottorff, Izzy or Bella for short. Enjoy that ride:)


Tattoo when yer ready:)

7:22 AM  
allan said...

Congratulations!!!! Now(according to my sister anyway. I don't have kids myself. perfectly content with being an uncle) comes the hard/fun part.

5:56 AM  
ed said...

Congratulations to Mark, Marla and Nicoya (hey, don't discount her contribution)

... and thanks for doing your part to make a bigger, better nest for her to grow up in.


10:34 PM  
Anonymous said...

Yay! I came to the board specifically to check for some news.

It's great to know you can bike right up to The Day. Hope the medical issues resolve themselves soon enough, not that riding out of the saddle is such a bad way to mix things up.


5:29 PM  

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