Mountain-Link Everest 2004
March 23 - May 17, 2004

Mountain Link Dispatches 1 - 5: Pains of Acclimatizing

"...every team member was trying to win the 2004 Mountain Link Projectile Vomiting Championship. This year the contest was held in the village of Pangboche..."

Mountain Link Dispatches 6 - 8: Puja and the Khumbu Icefall
"I really wish I had Nepali lungs. Most of the summit hopefuls on our team sampled the icefall today..."

Mountain Link Dispatches 9 - 13: Pulmonary Edema Strikes
"One of our team members at Camp 2 was suffering from a nasty cough and had trouble just standing up and walking around camp..."

Mountain Link On Top of the World!
"Our summit day was perfect, no wind, nothing. However, my socks were a bit damp. I thought I was getting blisters on my big toes, later realizing my feet were a bit cold..."