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The Wrap
Eight Enlightening Days
July 2002 — Andalo to Riva
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The finish in Riva culminated eight enlightening days. Aside from my joints and contact points needing a break before I do some permanent damage, I almost feel a sense of loss, disappointment that we had to stop racing in the Alps.

This would not have been possible without... My soon to be wife, Elana Wishnie, for her incredible support, feeding me, transporting, housing, and pointing me in the right direction for the start line every morning.

My patient racing partner Kurt Levy and his selfless work against the wind to deliver me to climbs.

To all the race organizers and volunteers for putting on great race.

My product sponsors, Yeti, Titec, WTB, FSA, Time, and Patagonia along with grassroots sponsors who help keep me racing.

And of course much gratitude for all the support from old friends and new friends that me met along the way.

Keep pedaling in the mountains.

Brett Wolfe, Correspondent, Correspondent