1996 Everest Tragedy Index

What Really Happened In The Thin Air
Jon Krakauer responds to the objections of guides Anatoli Boukreev and Lopsang Sherpa to his account of the single deadliest day in the history of Everest...

Scott Fischer's Last Climb
Bulletins hit the Web days before traditional news sources picked up the story. Over a dozen climbers missing after dark on Everest. Everything changed.

Veteran Climbers Discuss 1996 Tragedy
Veteran climbers gather in Colorado to talk about the 1996 tragedy. Includes excerpts from Tom Hornbien, Neal Beidleman, Anatoli Boukreev and Charlotte Fox.

Interview with Beck Weathers
MZ chats with Beck Weathers and gets the inside scoop of his improbable survival on Everest in the 1996 disaster.

The Untold Story of Makalu Gau
Eight people died on Everest in May 1996, but one man survived the deadly night out above 8,000 meters. This is his story.

Lopsang Sherpa Killed in Avalanche
Lead climbing sherpa on Fischer's team dies months later while guiding another climb on Everest. See a video interview from his visit to Seattle for Fischer's memorial.

Playing Scott Fischer
Interview with Peter Horton who portrayed Scott Fischer in the ABC movie, Into Thin Air: Death on Everest.