Index of Daily Trek Dispatches As Alpine Ascents International leads a commercial trek through the Khumbu Valley of Nepal to Base Camp on the south side of Everest, they will check in with The Mountain Zone. Their calls are archived below with the latest dispatches on top. Click on a headline to get a page with audio and transcript from the call.

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    Sat, April 17, 1999 — Kathmandu, Nepal
    "It's just a time when we can all kind of kick back, talk a little, and spend time with each other on sort of equal footing. It's a really nice thing and usually lasts a long time. Everybody kind of breaks down, tells stories and things like that..." —Gordon Janow

    A Festive Occasion
    Thu, April 15, 1999 — Lukla, Nepal
    "Everybody ate traditional momos, and drank some of the local brew called chang, and there was a nun, a Buddhist nun who actually gave us a blessing on the way out. So it was pretty festive and quite a ball..." —Gordon Janow

    Monasteries in the Khumbu
    Tue, April 13, 1999 — Thyangboche, Nepal
    "There's one in Thame and another one actually near Thame as well...which is pretty exciting to walk around, spend some time with the head lama there, and learn a little more about Buddhism..." —Gordon Janow

    Marathon in the Himalayas
    Sun, April 11, 1999 — Pheriche, Nepal
    "This morning we woke to the great Everest Marathon. The wind was howling as they took their places at the starting line, freezing their butts off. It was a pretty bizarre sight..." —Gordon Janow

    Base Camp Arrival
    Sun, April 11, 1999 — South Side Base Camp
    "It's very very warm, much warmer than usual. All the trekkers made it except two that decided to stay down in Gorak Shep—feeling the altitude pretty heavily..." —Todd Burleson

    Snowfall in the Khumbu
    Fri, April 9, 1999 — Gorak Shep, Nepal
    "We got about three or four inches last night, which made it a little tricky walking up from Lobuche up to Gorak Shep...I bet they may be getting a lot of snow up on the big mountain right now. Hopefully, we'll see Pete tomorrow..." —Todd Burleson

    Climbers and Joggers
    Tue, April 6, 1999 — Pheriche, Nepal
    "The terrain really changes from Pangboche up to Dingboche where we were headed, but unfortunately, we ran into the Everest Marathon... about 90 people running... It borders between very cool and absurd out in this part of the land..." —Gordon Janow

    Hilltop Monastery
    Sun, April 4, 1999 — Khunde, Nepal
    "We all received a nice blessing, then headed out on a big walk back toward Namche... up to the Thame Monastery, which is a beautiful monastery about 350 years old..." —Gordon Janow

    Life in the Khumbu
    Sat, April 3, 1999 — Phakding, Nepal
    "Gordon led the trek up, and I went way up into the mountains to about 14,500 feet to a monastery called Langdow...It's a gorgeous day..." —Todd Burleson

    Tales of Everest
    Fri, April 2, 1999 — Namche Bazaar, Nepal
    "Most of the afternoon was spent sitting around the park just telling stories about Everest in the past, in the future, and just the wacky crowds of people that have come here over the years..." —Gordon Janow

    Kids To the Left, Yaks To the Right
    Thu, April 1, 1999 — Namche Bazaar, Nepal
    "It was really a perfect day for walking. The rhododendrons are starting to bloom on the way up so we had that on our right... it's a lot easier crossing, especially when the yaks are headed right your way..." —Gordon Janow

    Watch Where You Step
    Wed, March 31, 1999 — Phakding, Nepal
    "Today, we had a good walk up, a little bit of rain this afternoon, but other than that, the skies were clear. Trails are good! All of our people are doing well..." —Todd Burleson

    Yak Bells in the Distance
    Wed, March 31, 1999 — Phakding, Nepal
    "We all got to meet Sir Edmund Hillary, who was at the airport this morning..." —Gordon Janow

    It All Starts At The Yak & Yeti
    Tue, March 30, 1999 — Kathmandu, Nepal
    "We had a wonderful day today. We went up to Swayambunath, Bodhnath, and Pashpatineth. A lot was going on. They cremated a lot of bodies today at Pashpatinath..." —Todd Burleson

    Alpine Ascents International Khumbu Trek Leaving For Nepal
    Fri, March 26, 1999 — Kathmandu, Nepal
    "I cannot imagine not visiting this timeless city of mad monkey gods, communist teens, aging monarchs and Buddha's watchful eyes. More than anything Kathmandu is a place of discovery..." —Gordon Janow