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As the coldest, windiest, highest, and driest continent, is mostly uninhabitable.

54° 50' S, 68° 10' W

Map of Antarctica and Vinson Massif
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for Hazardous Journey. Small wages, bitter cold, long months of complete darkness, constant danger, safe return doubtful. Honour and recognition in case of success. -Ernest Shackleton's Ad

Climbing Mount Vinson Massif, Antarctica with Alpine Ascents
Alpine Ascents 1999 Vinson Massif Climbing Expedition
The 1999 Dispatches
As Wally Berg and Pete Athans lead the 1999 Alpine Ascents Mount Vinson expedition, they called in updates to The Mountain Zone over a satellite phone. Their calls are archived below with the latest dispatches on top. Click on a headline to get a page with audio and transcript from the call.

Mount Vinson
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It Was The Muskrat Belly Hat
Thu Jan 21, 1999

Hasta La Punta. We'll Be Back.
Wed Jan 20, 1999

Just How Scary That Runway Can Be
Sun Jan 17, 1999

To Be Uncertain...
Fri Jan 15, 1999

Peter Hillary's South Pole Attempt
Thu Jan 14, 1999

30 Year Old Cache
Wed Jan 13, 1999

The Afternoon Weather Report
Tues Jan 12, 1999

Now It's The Wind
Tues Jan 12, 1999

Sheep Shearing and Getting Philosophical
Mon Jan 11, 1999

Getting Less Hopeful
Mon Jan 11, 1999

A Beautiful Day
Sun Jan 10, 1999

Getting Hopeful
Sun Jan 10, 1999

It Could Be Worse
Fri Jan 8, 1999

Beyond Penguino Rodeo
Fri Jan 8, 1999

The Blue Ice Runway
Thu Jan 7, 1999, Afternoon

The Penguino Rodeo
Thu Jan 7, 1999, Morning

Perfecting Hang Time
Wed Jan 6, 1999

Punta Arenas
Tues Jan 5, 1999

Flying South
Fri Jan 1, 1999

White Vastness Beckons
Dec 27, 1998

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1999 Vinson Massif Expedition