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Sunday, October 15, 2006

THIS is Colorado!

kendall mtn views
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Thursday I woke up and decided to read for a bit and was finally called out of bed when the sun announced the day by peaking over Kendall Mountain’s shoulder. It was blinding and exciting. The sun energizes me. I had thought to try a new VO2 workout, but with the beautiful day I decided to run up Kendall. It was a great sustained climb with a bit of a scramble to reach the top at 13,274ft. The climb was well rewarded with a 360 degree view of these amazing San Juan mountains. My Suunto T6 counted roughly 3700 feet of climbing in two hours (up), one hour to cruise back down.

Today I repeated the morning routine and was happy to have the sun call me out of bed once again. Today I went for the new VO2 workout, called 30/30s that Karen shared with me. She and Stan coach the high school track team and are a wealth of knowledge for workouts. In addition to this 30/30 workout Stan and I discussed some different training tactics while out on the trail.

So the 30/30s is pretty simple to do, warm up then run hard for 30 secs, then back off for 30 sec, repeat 30 times. I took this out on the trails, actually the last couple miles of the Hardrock course (in the counter clockwise direction) and then ended the last 6 repeats on the local track. The first couple are pretty easy but as you get further into the workout the down 30 seconds isn’t enough time to recover and your heart rate stays up there. The last 5 were tough for me. For some more information check out the following sites.

These are glorious Silverton days!


widup said...

I posted this yesterday and for some reason it is gone. I ran track and cross country in college for 4 years and I had a full Athletic Scholarship. We did 30 sec on and 30 off type workouts quite often. What this type of work out does is increase your leg speed and also you will run farther because you are running at a faster pace.

9:38 AM  
Anonymous said...

Hi Krissy, this blog gets me fired up to run when I need it. Thanks a lot. I'm envious of all the runs you get to do in such beautiful spots. If you ever run in Minnesota give some warning. Good luck and Godspeed.

10:56 AM  

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